User selected music to match intervals

It would be great if a user could select a playlist, either single or multiple, to play while riding. For example:
-I could select a playlist from my computer/phone/ipad to play while training with typical features like random and loop
-I could create multiple playlists based on tempo, ie:
1) a high tempo playlist for higher intensity intervals
2) a mid-tempo playlist for lower intensity intervals
3) a slower-tempo playlist for warm-up, cool down, etc.

I used to always pick songs that went with the cadence of my “on” intervals, it was a really nice way to workout.

Is the problem that you’re using a tablet or something? I use Spotify almost every time I Zwift for example, but I’m on a PC so it’s easy to Alt+Tab out and start or change a playlist any time.

I have a “Running 180bpm” playlist for example.

Or is it more than you want songs to change potentially suddenly in the middle of a song?


Was thinking more playlists that I could set up for different parts of the session. A group of slower temp songs for warm-up cool down, medium, fast, etc. tempo playlists where the song changes when the interval changes. A long time ago I used an app that allowed me to set my intervals and different songs to be played during those intervals. I was just pretty neat how your whole body/mind would get geeked when a fast tempo song can on during a hard/fast interval. Just a thought. I do use PC.

I’m sure the technology exists to be able to pick the next song based on your current heart rate/cadence/wattage and if it doesn’t it should!

back to your original point, if you make a playlist you could then create a custom workout to fit around the songs - so do 200 watts for 3:23 while X song plays then 250 watts for 2:45 while Y song plays etc

might be a bit hard to get it spot on though

This was already implemented by a third party, it would pick a song in your playlist depending on your cadence/heart rate, it was called Zwiftify, Spotify didn’t like the name and sent a cease and deist letter, the project is no more :frowning:

It is a really good idea and should be readily available.


Seems like they should have just renamed it.

It was a little more complex than that unfortunately :frowning:

There was also an app that did this, Spotify brought it and development ceased. It seems Spotify only wants users to experience what they want, not what their users want.


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