Music from your playlist.

It would nice if there would be a media player intergraded in the game, import your playlist and ride on to AC/DC!

Oh yeah, we’ve been thinking about this for awhile :slight_smile:

A little Acca Dacca would definitely help me power through some of those hills…


I threw up Spotify in the background. That worked great. 

Same here.  Why reinvent the wheel on this, when there are already so many ways to play your choice of tunes. Should be a very low priority IMO.

Would love to set up a shared Spotify playlist and listen to it in sync in group with other riders of our team. Ideally, songs are chose based on the rhythm of the ride, like Spotify does for running. (climbing = slower)

I feel very strongly that Spotify playlists based on Zwift workouts should be something done by the community.

So strongly in fact that I present … - sign in with Spotify, upload your .zwo, pick your poison, and a playlist will get created in your Spotify. Songs are selected and arranged automatically to match interval length, intensity and cadence targets. 

Have fun with it.