Music needed

I have been on 2 rides so far and there is only a bird chirping every once in a while. Look into some music/soundtrack integration.

…but the chirping birds are supposed to be music to your ears! Isn’t that why we ride bikes after all?


And you can’t help but notice the hillbilly bluegrass music at the top of the second peak, can you? Maybe that could just be put on a loop… :slight_smile:

As I’m using a Sonos system I haven’t put much into this. But wouldn’t it be the easiest thing to play music from a player in the background of Zwift? So if you have a streaming service just start that service. As I understand all these streaming services, it’s a lot of work to implement each and every service separately - and some of them don’t even have open APIs.

Perhaps make music an option. The Sufferfest videos have awesome soundtracks … you could either get the “nature” soundtrack or the “inspirational / workout” soundtrack??

Media player intergraded in the game, import your playlist and ride on to AC/DC!

No thanks. Music is a personal choice. I prefer leave quiet and add music of choice via Spotify or similar

I second the motion to have music as an option

it would be great to have an integrated Zwift radio channel with a couple geners to select from

Thundercat’s new album “Drunk” would be a great addition to the startup song

Music integration would be great. I support this suggestion


I have zwift, Discord and Spotify open at the same time and it works perfect. I even created specific playlists in windows media player for when I do FTP tests. 

I think Zwift should rather focus on the nuts and bolts of the program. 

I see this has been requested in various forms already. But, there should be a way to integrate our own music into the Zwift platform. The occasional bids chirping and fans cheering got old a long time ago.

We should be able to integrate our own playlists from iTunes or whatever streaming service we happen to use (Spotify, iHeart Radio, etc) for some listening while riding on Zwift. Perhaps integrate it into the Mobile Link so we can use it on our iPads or phones that sit beside us while we ride.

I usually pair listen to iHeart Radio and pair my iPad to my Bluetooth speaker. But, I don’t believe I should have to go through that process before hopping on the bike for a ride on Zwift.

More worlds/roads are obviously the most important upgrade that Zwift needs. But, music integration I would say is number 2 on the priority list.  




I love how this thread pops up every so often. Notice when I originally opened it (Nov 2014). I was one of the original 100 beta testers and Zwift was boring AF back then when I was literally the only rider on the game some mornings.  I havent been on Zwift in a year, but hopefully it is more fun than ever.