Riding to music on Zwift

I like riding to music, like in spin class. I wish Zwift had a music option I could click on that would replace the usual sounds.


There is no way Zwift can deal with the licensing costs nor can they come up with music that will please everyone.  I simply turn off the Zwift sounds and play my own music.

Seems pretty obvious when you think about it.  I just set Windows Media Player to shuffle and hope for some inspirational tunes at key points.

Like Eye Of The Tiger as you crest Alpe Du Zwift.  Unfortunately Adele doesn’t quite cut it for these moments as normally it tends to be,

Zwift playlists might be a good compromise…Zwift does’t have to get involved with the music biz, but maybe a exchange on the community forum for users to post playlists might be a good way to get inspirational Zwifting tunes.

I would love it if I could link Zwift to my Spotify account and get some inspirational tunes customized to the different roads …

Maybe also a selection of genre?

I am new to Zwift. Just joined after years of taking spin classes (besides the actual riding of course). I’d love the idea of having the option of riding to music. Even if limited to a predefined selection of tracks that more or less match the ride nature.

On iPhone I just launch the music app, play my playlist, THEN start Zwift and my music plays while I ride.

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