Spofity playlist linked to zwift workouts

(Karen) #1

I recently wrote a workout file (.zwo file) which replicated a spin bike class I take with a Spotify play list. as long as you start the playlist when your avatar starts moving the workout syncs pretty well. It’s pretty cool when you go under a archway as the track changes. I would like to see if there was a way to easily share these files and links to Spotify playlists? As long as you have a Zwift log in and a Spotify account then its easy to use and a bit of fun if you like riding to music.

(Alex Fuller|all3sports) #2

I agree with others that Zwift shouldn’t get into the music business, but making music integration like this easier would be awesome.

(E) #3

Down w the music option. ESP if run from iPhone and can’t run zwift and Bluetooth to music.

(Meg) #4

Yes please! I’d love to be able to use my Spotify playlists with Zwift.

(Lin) #5

Sure you can. I pair wireless Bluetooth ear buds. Start iTunes, make my music selection. Push play. Then, I open up Zwift and get to riding. The only drawback is that if I want to change to a different playlist or album, I have to switch back to iTunes which appears to cause my Zwift avatar to start coasting if not completely stop. So, make sure you have the right music for the ride/workout so that you do not need to exit Zwift for music adjustments. My earbuds (Jaybird) also allow me to fast-forward, rewind, or stop the music along w/volume controls.

My biggest problem with running Zwift on my iPhone is that I no longer can use the Companion app.

(Karen) #6

Hi, This post is about linking a workout (.zwo file) with a Spotify or other playlist not simply playing a playlist. I’ve managed to do it and it’s really fun seeing your tracks synced to the music - for example sprinting on the chorus or standing for a hill climb when the text appears on the screen. It took some time to write but worth while when it works.

(Lin) #7

:smile: I wasn’t hijacking your thread, only replying to @E_Atme.

(Karen) #8

Sorry I didn’t see that. Thank you for replying and helping. Music and zwift are definitely great together. x