How about music?

So new current America artist may be too expensive to buy and use but even doing what Sufferfest has done would be cool. They found these random European artist that are really good and paid for the rights to their songs. I don’t ever know the songs but they are motivational and help dumb the pain. I know everyone’s taste in music is varied but you could easily offer the option to mute the music. Just a thought.

I play iTunes in the background for music and I think there are a lot of others that use streaming services for music. I would rather have the ability to control what music is played. The ability to skip songs, replay songs and choose what song to play next. I doubt you would be able to do that if it was integrated.

I think Zwift should concentrate on improving the platform and not start getting in to streaming music that most will just turn off.

Just my opinion.


Yeah, I’d like to have Spotify controls in-game so I don’t need to Alt+Tab out to change my playlist in the middle of a ride. :smiley:


Perhaps they could incorporate a linked music playback feature (i.e., link to user’s Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music) to the companion app? Steps: link app to service, pull-down for playlists from service, and minimal interface for music control on companion app screen.


I agree with the above, I have a very specific music taste (I don’t think i am alone), I use spotify and have my play list and discord running on my PC.

At one point there was this huge post on FB with people sharing there playlists and we tried each other’s playlists and our conclusion was that there is just to many different taste of music.

I never thought of a in-game controls probably because i only use the one playlist.

One thing related to music is the Zwift Startup music, i know that we have the option to turn it off but it would be nice if they revisited that and make it something catchy that we want to hear that give us that warm feeling. You know that feeling when you hear a good “jingle”

I would not be interested in paying more for Zwift to provide music. I think most folks have iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, CDs, etc and then you can pick what you want. I have a decent stereo system in my basement with my Zwifting station. I usually use iTunes to set up a playlist that matches my mood and the difficulty of the route

You can use MusConv to transfer songs between apple music and spotify, I’ve been using it and i think it has been the easier way to transfer playlist from one to another.

It also has interesting features like:

-Transfering unlimited tracks.

-Transfering unlimited playlists.

-Supports over 20 playlist file formats.

Also supports more than 30 music services.

The real music to our ears should be a clean transmission and the gentle sound of sweat dripping on the top tube. :smiley:

I run Spotify and Zwift at the same time over my Note8 and cast both to the Television. I can easily bring up Spotify to change albums and go back to Zwift. My Note8 is mounted to the stem.

There is a new tool MusConv that allows switching playlists from one streaming site like apple music ti another streaming site.