In Game Radio/Music

I’m Zwifting on my iPad on the beta at the moment, and loving every second of it.

Am using my phone and linking it to speaker/headphones for some in-game audio entertainment by means of podcasts/radio/spotify.

However given Zwift is basically GTA for cycling (sort of) - is there any way to get some in-game radio stations or playlists set up in a similar way to how GTA works?

The in game audio is obviously fairly limited and on a long ride I find I do need some external entertainment, but feel it would be good if there was something in game to provide this. I also think this would add to the group riding experience, if say for sub 2.0 rides you could all tune in to the same chilled out playlist and for races you get some intense EDM or something like that… maybe?

I totally agree. I am moving from Netflix and Pandora to Zwift, and find that I miss the music, especially on the climbs. Maybe a choice of a few stations? I have to admit Zwift is not going to totally replace my Netflix binge-watching in any event.

There are many streaming music services, many of them free.  I would prefer that Zwift spend their time developing actual cycling software rather than adding a music service.

The exception would be if they integrated one of the existing services through a partnership.

I currently just do streaming music in the background but in game music/radio would be nice. Thinking on it, for events also they could also use the commentary which is being used, so you could tune into the event channel for example to listen into as you race or ride along not in the event to hear what’s happening.

This is an excellent idea and i don’t think it would be too hard for Zwift to get some cool synth music for the background.