Internet Radio or Zwift Radio?

Happy New Year

Just a thought. Some years ago I remember playing a game called Matrix Online. It was a MMORPG based on the Matrix franchise. There was a very successful Internet Radio stream for special events that was hosted by fans that I always used to listen to while playing the game. 1000s of us did. Not only did they do commentary on the live events hosted by the dev team but they also ran live events by themselves. They would also do live reports on events that were created by the players like mass PvP or even interview guild/clan leaders as well of course play music.

I could see that those marketing types would exploit such a system but I am not sure that it would be such a bad thing if it help to fund the service the relative low bandwidth shouldn’t interfere with the client too much. A click of a mouse could turn it off easily.

I could see a service like that being popular with those of us just grinding the base miles rather than smashing HITs where probably one’s own playlist might be more appropriate :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoyed my second session today, flawless software performance again :slight_smile:

Live commentary for big events (Tour of Battenkill, etc) would be fun!

Just a thought for workouts or base riding when you’re not necessarily in a group ride/mass event/race: I could see having a link within your Zwift screen/mobile app to connect to your Pandora and/or Spotify playlists (rather than opening a separate browser window).

In the group ride scenario (like 10 local or not so local friends) on Zwift, being able to communicate via earpiece/microphone like when playing Battlefield or other games on PS4 or XBox with other online players would be awesome. My guess is something like that is in the works?