Team Radio

Hallo there,
Would like to see team radio available on Zwift, just like Wahoo did on RGT, instead of using discord or something like that…

It would be great to bring a Discord integration to Zwift - best of both worlds in my opinion.

Now why would you want a useful function like that. A team radio would just be copying a competitor at this point.

Mario Mart doesn’t have a radio, neither will we!


What’s so bad about that if it’s gives a better user experience? just saying.

Think you’ll find that was a jab at Zwift and their awesome ability to listen and support the racing community with tools we have been asking for for years.


But I still think Discord is the better option.


wahoo disagree!

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I just think it would be simpler to have everything inside Zwift for team use (team radio, team chat… etc.) but everyone has different opinions…

Discord is great for Team use…but for longer races i would love to have this option when i have a group around me.

Team chat (messaging) would be money spent much better them voice chat. Also, the infrastructure for texting in game is already present. Maybe just add ability to direct message more than one person (team mates during race)?