Music integration

I would love to have music integrated in the application.
Long sessions, already over 1/2 hour, can be boring. Having music, possibly your own, would help to pass time and keep concentration.
These could be the requirements:

  • Music BPM should match the cadence you should keep for a give training. You should have an algorithm to resample the music to change its BPM
  • The user should be given the option to upload its own musical pieces/play list
  • music should be optional
  • you should be able to change what your are currently listening
  • music should fade when someone is talking to you (e.g. ride on, etc.).

See LoLo elliptical app as example.

Am not sure it would get used that much, as for people putting their own music on just wear a pair of headphones? there is no need for zwift to have the function of uploading mp3s etc


There’s a Zwift workout that is synchronised to a best-selling album, but you have to stream/play the music yourself.

Spotify or similar account playing on another device or same, keep the clutter off of the Zwift game interface. I have 2 separate playlist setup, biking and running.

Due to the cost associated, it would be extremely unlikely that we would look to integrate with (eg) Spotify or look to build in playlists to align with your heartrate.

Mainly, what you are asking for could be managed by using your own music.

Haven’t tried it myself but maybe it would meet your needs: beatbiker app