Where has the theme music gone!?

I’ve been away for a week or so and just jumped back on Zwift to discover that the theme music has gone. There’s no obvious setting to turn it back on either. Has it been removed with the latest update?

It’s a little bug. Should be fixed after the next update.

Thanks. I never thought I’d say this, but I kind of miss it.

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In the meantime, play Zwift - Menu Theme (Original Music) - YouTube as Zwift loads up. :wink:


I’ll not be adding that to my playlist.


While we’re on the topic, wasn’t there new music for after a ride that was different from the startup music? What happened to that?

Got me on that, can’t ever recall the music you are referring to.

I remember there being a different bit of music after saving a ride and returning to the home screen - I happened to notice the same bit of music when child1 was watching some random videos on youtube (though naturally none of my watch history searches are coming up with anything for any definitive proof) - this was back in Sept '22, and I’m fairly sure it was a couple of months later this other music was removed.

Edit, google-fu came up with something - think it’s this: Tomas Skyldeberg - Celebration of Life - YouTube (hat-tip to KentTheStud over on Reddit)


There was a brief reference to it here, but I couldn’t find it in the update notes after a quick search.

That’s it!

Hmm, is it/was it specific to iOS?