Zwift Climb Portal [2023]

Enjoying the frequent +250 xp on going through the section portals, tend to get 3 per ride.

Thinking which would be best climb to maximise XP gained, all climbs have 10 sections so must be one of the shorter ones, quickest one to ride, Cote de Pike maybe.

I got three just on one of the short climbs yesterday.

I think that makes four times I’ve got them since starting on Zwift. :joy: (OK, maybe I’ve had more than one before, but if I did I didn’t notice it.)

did the col des avaris last night, not a single feather, it was all 10xp

As far as XP to effort expended ratio, I find Cote de Trebiac is probably the easiest and quickest. It’s a bit longer than Pike, but not much so, and the gradients are far less intense.

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Must remember to change my weight to ~25Kg and beat the pros up Col du Tourmalet tomorrow. :wink:

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Haven’t used the climb portal, yet, but I’m planning to do so later today, and I’ve got a quick question. If I use the challenge to select a specific climb, will I be able to do a longer free ride on the normal Watopia roads before entering the portal? Or am I dumped into a route from which I cannot manually navigate?

Basically, I want to select a different climb than the one on today’s calendar, but I want to free ride for about an hour before I enter the portal. Obviously I could just end my free ride and then start a new activity for the portal, if needed, but I’m wondering if I’ll be able to do this as a single activity.

No it will direct you pretty much straight to the portal

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I noticed that if I’m watching another rider, when the enter the Climb Portal, I get kicked out and auto-watch a different rider not in the Climb Portal.
So, it seems that you can only see the Climb Portal if you are actually riding the Climb Portal.

The First rule of Climb Portal is you do not Talk in Climb Portal.

I think that’s also the second rule


Same thing here. Why would only the first completed climb of a stage show as “competed”? Is this a bug or a feature? I like checking off all the routes, kinda bummed it’s not showing a “complete” sticker next to all the climbs I have completed.

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I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this yet and I’m not about to go through 300 posts to check.

But as you descend you can do a u-turn at each checkpoint and get a free spin of the wheel. 9 more opportunities to pick up 250xp on the way down.

Of course only the most devious and unscrupulous type of person would use such an exploit for easy XP and Zwifters are honest, reputable people who would never do such a thing (#spiritofgravel).

I only post it here to make sure that Zwift closes this loophole now instead of allowing it to continue for the next few years.


Best thing to do is manually select the climb you want and then just navigate away from the portal when you start to do your 1hr and then loop back to the portal for your climb.

Not sure if teleporting will upset your initial selection of portal climb though. Not tried yet

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@Mdizzle Thanks! That’s what I’d hoped I’d be able to do, but given another person’s reply it sounded like I wouldn’t be able to manually navigate away from the portal if I selected a specific climb. So, I ended up just doing a normal free ride and climbing yesterday’s scheduled climb, which was great! Next time I’ll try your suggestion and see if it works.

Bonjour, j’ai le même souci.
Je m’inscrit dans une montée et à l’approche du portail,je suis dirigé à droite au lieu d’aller à gauche vers le portail.
Mon frère qui est aussi un utilisateur Zwift s’est connecté ce matin à partir de mon user et a pu entrer dans le portail.
Je ne sais pas comment résoudre ce souci :thinking:

I second this.
If nothing else, change the stars back to the segment number as you pass them on the way down so you know how much is left of the descent.


If you use the u-turn trick after each star you can see which banner you’re at :rofl:


Something new, so better than nothing.

Pretty damn boring for the longer climbs.

I’m stunned that users think this very lazy implementation is acceptable. Are Zwift users just so starved of change that the mere suggestion of anything new is enough?

Every time Zwift delivers a sub par product, they leave the window open for a real competitor to possibly take their market share.

I’m starting to get a Nokia vibe…


there been lots of gripes about the graphics and how its been implemented, i’m sure that zwift will be taking onboard both the positive criticism and the negative stuff

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Has Zwift changed the strategy for the type bonus stuff you get when passing through arches?

In the beginning I earned 10xp, 250xp or a feather.
But since yesterday (?) I get a lot of 10xp, feathers and quite useless vans / aero helmets, in three rides only 2x250xp.

Or do I have to ride new climbs to get more 250xp bonuses?