This Season on Zwift [April 2024]

We are excited to share the amazing new features coming This Season on Zwift:

Watopia Expansion: The Grade
Coming June 2024I
Built on the West side of Zwift’s most recent expansion, the Southern Coast in Watopia, the climb will take you through the vibrant building of Ciudad de La Cumbre. The latest expansion adds a brand new climb on the back of the Epic KOM and several new routes for freeride and racing!

HUD Refresh
Coming this Summer
We are updating the HUD with all the information you want, right where you need it. The HUD will get a whole new look with customizable metrics and more data metrics.

My List
Live Now with Zwift Companion Version 3.57
My List allows you to save time by choosing what route or workout you want to do before logging into Zwift. You will be able to plan up to 25 rides at a time from Zwift Companion that will show up under the ‘For You’ carousel on the Zwift Homescreen.


Training Connections:
Coming this Summer
Zwift’s new training API will allow for seamless integration with a greater variety of third party training providers and allow Zwifter’s to automatically pull workouts from other apps. With the launch of this feature, there will be a select number of partners (partner announcements coming later) but other partners will be able to sign up later this summer.

Zwift Spring Training
Live Now!
The 6-week training series was created to help you build endurance for those long outdoor rides or keep your legs moving during the colder months! To learn more, click here.

Tour De France: Tour Fever
Coming this Summer
We are excited to bring you Tour de Zwift content to Zwift for 2024. We will have 8 climbs on Climb Portal from the 2024 Tour de France route, a tour-themed ZRacing series and RoboPacers are coming to France and Paris!

To learn more about This Season on Zwift, check out the main page here or the FAQ here.

That HUD is so much better! And customisable too! How long do we have to wait?

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Draft? Draft? Draft?


The elevation profile display looks great and was desperately needed.

Will we still have access to the heart rate & power data as a time series (shown on the bottom of the HUD in the previous/current versions of Zwift)? It’s really useful to have these data as a time series, rather than just instantaneous values, to track how they evolve over the course of a ride.

Can we turn off the “Close the Gap” message now?


The elevation profile on the minimap has been so bad for so long that I subconsciously tune it out. It may take a while to get used to looking at it again if it’s actually useful.

No mention of any changes to racing score and categories though. No news is good news right?

Looks like a lot of good stuff coming soon. Please fix this though:

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I know there is still plenty of development time to go, but I’ll be interested to see how this new HUD changes when in workout mode…

The Avg Power option is most useful there, especially if that has the added functionality to automatically ‘lap’ to show avg power for the duration of the individual interval.

A feature that is already present in indieVelo and MyWhoosh, so seems a shame if this is not included.

Overall, I am looking forward to seeing these features. The Watopia expansion of a new climb will be great, and unlock more route options. The HUD customisation and the Training API is an encouraging signal of more open configuration and connectivity.
The ‘My List’ was mentioned previously but does have potential.

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And to manually trigger a lap as well. Average power across a ride isn’t useless but it is limited.


Any metrics? Tss etc.

Please, please add a draft meter.

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don’t be draft, its not been added

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So far an improvement, but the HUD shows the elevation twice, in the middle top, and the far right top. Would be nice if we could eliminate the top right one and add draft icon there. Thanks


Any word on velodrome? There’s an event this weekend that would’ve been perfect for it.

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My assumption was that elevation profile in the center screen was like ClimbPro and only appeared on KOM segments; and then would disappear and return to XP bar (as it is now), when outside of segments.

It is… mega silly to have 3 elevation profiles now visible.

Especially with how massive that front and center one is.

Please make that either act like ClimbPro, or, at the bare minimum, allow us to click to hide / swipe to hide / don’t have it at all.

Also, is the effort chart across the bottom no longer going to be a thing; and it only shows “current” power zone in the top left?
Or is it just hidden in these screenshots?

Many good features. I’m especially interested in the HUD elements and the customization.

@manda_F Will it be possible to see the total elevation graph for a multi-lap event, or is it limited to one route at a time?

I feel that the elevation graph in the middle of the screen could benefit from being more transparent. This would ensure it doesn’t dominate the view as much. Additionally, reducing the margin around the tiles would create more screen space. If they can be moved around freely, this would not be a problem.

If all the fields are customizable, it would be nice to be able to store a HUD configuration for different event types (group ride, race, freeride, etc.).

Meters climbed, and calories burned would not be on my center panel. I would rather have current watts, HR, and RPM for racing. It all depends on what I’m doing. Reconfiguring the fields for every event type is probably not practical.

Keep up the great work!

Whoop whoop :raised_hands: this is addressing a lot of the requests. Can’t wait to test this out.

This feels like big steps forward! Not completely perfect but I feel the intention! (And don’t let perfect be the enemy of good)


New HUD looks awesome.
Excited to see how customizable it will actually be.
Personally i always ride with HUD off but if i could pick and choose exactly what i wanted, to keep the HUD clutter free, id be happy about that.

I second earlier poster.
Please give option to turn off “catch up to”…it is the most annoying thing ever

It’s great to see progress on some of the longstanding top requests such as HUD, and elevation map. Hopefully that customization continues as a theme, and we get the ability to also see draft strength in the UX etc.

Apple Watch support ‘was’ on the last season on zwift mailer, it was postponed, but isn’t on this season, has that been dropped?

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Awesome! Very exciting stuff! Looking forward to the new HUD looks, my list, and training connections! All great stuff! Just wondering, how many miles is the climb? I did a rough estimate with ADZ as a scale example for reference to how far from the coast to the summit is. Looks a little longer than ADZ?
ADZ: 7.7 miles
The Grade: 9-10 miles?
Of course I can wait for a detailed post but was just curious.