Black Squares Game [1.40] [1.41]

Found another photo

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I noticed on today’s ride that whenever somebody set a record triggering on-screen confetti, it shows up as black confetti and some of the confetti shows up as random relatively large black squares/rectangles which black out whatever they cover.

This just started occurring since last ver update. I have changed no settings and everything else seen on the display is as normal. Anybody else seeing this?

edit: I should point out that for me the black squares go away once the confetti stops. Only happens with confetti and happens every time confetti is thrown.

This is due to be fixed in the next update.

Confirmed by Zwift staff.

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start having this issue on version 1.41
version 1.42 still also having this issue.
At first I thought it was my resolution is to high.

This is fixed in the next version as noted in the post directly above yours.

UPDATE June 28
Zwift version 1.43 resolves this issue, and is rolling out in phases over the next couple of days. Please update when it’s available to you.

Evidently 1.43 (Zwift Update Version 1.43 (114012) Released | Zwift Insider) makes yet another attempt to remove these black squares: “Black squares that appear in dusty conditions have been banished.”

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not sure I understand the point of your message?

Are you saying they haven’t been?

Not seen it myself on my one ride post 1.43 but it’s been reported as still not fixed…… :face_with_peeking_eye::smirk:

I’ve also heard people talking about this not being fixed in 1.43 but haven’t seen them.myself and I was getting them in 1.42.

Not sure if it is related to this but got this today

Still happening in France (on macOS). This is a longstanding issue that (almost?) always happens in this particular location.

Looks like it might be something to do with the start of the bridge or cobbles? I’d there a bit of gravel/first there normally?

I only saw the black squares where there should have been dust flying

Seems it’s still definitely around whatever it is, certainly not 100% resolved.

I experienced the same black squares in Scotland during a race event tonight; I presume again from the tron bikes.

It wasn’t at all as severe, they only appeared for about one frame, and only a handful of times (probably <10 counts total), so it was way more of a very short flicker that resembled a box, versus the more obvious black boxes from previous versions that could stay stuck for multiple frames.

They weren’t nearly as obvious, but whatever causes it is not completely gone unfortunately.
Of course we’re now on 1.45

Looks like I wasn’t the only one:

It’s not over yet @shooj

Had red and black squares originating from the rear light. Flickered around the rider a few times during my last ride through Crit City Glasgow.

Personally I don’t believe this issue has ever been fully resolved; mitigated for sure, since it was a lot less common and widespread after ‘the fix’ but for sure it has still been around in more sporadic form and since 1.45 seems more common again; especially in Scotland, although possibly that’s just more people riding in that World because of the events.

@Paul_Southworth thanks for the video. It’s always helpful to see what you’re seeing. That Video Screenshot feature sure comes in handy.

I’ve flagged it up to the team and asked to reopen these tickets. As always - photo grabs and screenshots help us a ton. If it occurs in the same spot all the time - that’s a solid clue for us to chase down root causes.

Just want to make sure you saw mine too from yesterday.

I did, and passed along your still image to the team.