Zwift Play for sale in New Zealand?

Great thanks. When will it be possible to ship the new zwift play controllers to New Zealand? That doesn’t seem to be an option yet.

You don’t want them, Phil.

I’ve never had a PC crash during Zwift until I fitted the Play controllers and now I’ve had two within a few days of fitting them
First one was with a Pace bot so not an issue.

Second, this morning in a race as part of a 19 week series in which I’m trying to help my team stay on top.

About 20kms in and I’m left stuck on the far right, out of the draft and unable to steer back in.
I turn the controllers off and on and I can steer again.

About 30kms in and the game freezes.
Nothing I can do.

Controllers are now boxed and ready to go back but Zwift end any communication with me as soon as I type the word ‘return’.

You are better off without them.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: sounds like there’s still some work to do on them.

There is a known issue with the play and Windows. It will be resolved soon so there is no need to make a purchasing decision based on this alone.

It’s been acknowledged by Zwift and a fix is on route.

Thanks for the update, good to know. It’s all a bit academic for us “down under” at this time as Zwift doesn’t seem to ship anything our way, players or T-shirts !

100% Phil.
Controllers sound pretty awesome to me.
Sure there’s some bugs but there always are.

Can’t buy from NZ.
But I’m getting me some somehow!!