Game Update 1.43 [June 2023]

Huzzah! When this first appeared a month or so ago, I gaslit myself into believing the tunnels had always been this way and I hadn’t noticed before.

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Here’s the Zwift Insider post all about this update… Zwift Update Version 1.43 (114012) Released | Zwift Insider

FYI: Play Haptics aren’t yet turned on… it’s a server-side switch Zwift needs to flip.


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Haptics will be rolling over the next few days; about 25% of Play controllers will have it enabled starting today.

Haptics thread: Haptic Feedback Enabled for Zwift Play [June 2023]

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Road gaps are back (hope they are not everywhere)

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Did you fix this bug/crash on Android?

Any plans to fix the broken support for pc/mouse/scrollwheel in the ride-on list after events?
Mouse scroll wheel works when selecting frames, wheels though.

I’ve never been able to use coffee break since it rolled out (MacOS). The countdown seems to be stuck. Hope this release fixes it. Looking forward to getting my hands on a set of Zwift Play (in Canada).

Keep up the good work, Zwift HQ.



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Good number of bugs fixed. Great effort to all involved.


Hey @Timothy_Wu_HERD - this bug is fixed in 1.43. Please give it a try once 1.43 is available to your Mac and let us know?


When will Zwift Play Controllers be available to ship to Australia?

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the new climbing portal is simply horrible. how can zwift fail to understand their core users so much, the vast majority of who are cycling enthusiasts. maybe instead of focusing on some pathetic colour psychology experiments, they focused on giving their core users and enjoyable environment to cycle new climbs. prolonged time spent in these environments will be dreadful. do better zwift.


They perhaps should have gone with some AI procedurally generated scenery rather than the paired back style.

That being said, they will be able to churn out a lot of new climbs to try out and I like the breakdown of segments just like on the Alpe du Zwift climb.

Hope they keep a selection of the most popular climbs so we can have leaderboards etc. I get why we can’t have that on all of them as they will disappear after some time


I’m getting very brief periods of super high cadence:

they seem to occur where historically it would look like your avatar would kind of stop pedalling as above coming out of the desert bit. It happened at the main spawn location too and i u turned and rode back over that stop a couple of times and it did it each time so pretty sure it isn’t my set up

I’m seeing these too - not as frequently as before though

You have unlocked the newest, hidden update feature: cyclocross mode. The best way to compete through it is to have a treadmill set up next to your bike. Dismount, run, remount. Coming later this year will be the Zwift Pedals with activateable bunny hop ability for only an additional $529.99


Is there a way to download the update manually ?

If not, anyone knows when this update rolls out for Europe ?

It’s not geographic, it’s completely random for who gets it and who doesn’t over the rollout period.