Zwift store being unhelpful

Just tried to order a few bits, got as far as putting my address in to get a postage quote and got the following:

“Unfortunately one or more items in your cart can’t be shipped to your location. Please choose a different delivery address.”

I’m not going to move house so I can receive the items! It would have been much more use to show which item(s) cannot be sent to me and give the option to remove them from my cart.

Can you post which items you were going to purchase and what country you live in so if Zwift supports see this they can better assist you and so other Zwifters are aware of the issue.

Couple of T shirts and a footpod to the UK

I assume it was the footpod that was the problem (although not sure why), but it’s an odd way of addressing the issue in the store.

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Hey guys!

At this time, we have stopped shipping overseas, this change happening on May 24, 2019. A complete list of where we do ship to can be found here. You can make international orders via Amazon.

Ride On!

Well this sucks, was gonna buy some Zwift merchandise and already had them in my cart even. Are Zwift stuff actually available via Amazon?

I could not find the run pod on Amazon. And Zwift does not deliver to Malaysia.

Hi @May_98

Here is the link to the amazon listing.

Happy Zwifting!

Ya Amazon say they are out of stock.

Hi support, my Post Office in Oregon has receive my order and ready to ship to New Zealand, however they can’t proceed without MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet ) , would you provide this piece of paper please?