How can I order RunPod to Ukraine?

I cannot select Ukraine in the shop. How can I buy RunPod in Ukraine?

Hello @Dmitry_Krasilnikov welcome to Zwift forums.

We do not currently support shipping to Ukraine. Sorry to disappoint you.

There are other supported runpod devices (as well as other devices that add-on to a treadmill) listed on our Support Hub. Would any of these options be available lcoally?

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Many thanks for prompt reply. We have Polar.

Hi you can do what I do to get it to South Africa.

Make a friend in Amsterdam and have them buy it and DHL it to you.

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@Dmitry_Krasilnikov Technically you can order from EU, UK and US using forwarding services like Nova Poshta Shoping or MyMeest. I successfully used Nova Poshta on number of different occasions before.
But. Do not risk it with Zwift.
As a fellow Ukrainian zwifter I can only cite Gandalf: “Fly, you fools” regarding my current experience of trying to get a RunPod from Zwift shop. I ordered it 14 Nov 2021. Nov 23: Zwift still has’t shipped my order, no changes. Support is unhelpful(. I’m unable to cancel my still unshipped order now. (I did more research when waiting, got nice BLE shoes here on sale. No need in RunPod now).
I have to wait undefitnite time till it shipped, till it gets to me and initiate return after receiving. Probably it will be easier to try to sell it locally on olx

Just get one on eBay