Zwift run pod Brexit!

Tried to order a zwift run pod but got cancelled by them due to Brexit customs issues … anyone have a spare in the UK they don’t want?


If you can run to the extra cash consider getting an NPE RUNN which are available to buy in the UK.

They are far more accurate and convenient than a run pod.

I had the same problem a few days ago - very annoying! Any update on the issue??

Pop yourself to the Zwift Shop section of this forum.

All is explained although I’m not sure you’ll get a conclusive answer.

I just had a series of support calls pretending to be “caring” but really boiled down to buy a new laptop or buy a more expensive sensor somewhere else … they are really pathetic

I’m not entirely sure why a conversation around a new laptop has featured?

Zwift have responded to what is essentially a Brexit issue. To save you waiting indefinitely they’ve cancelled orders to free you up to order from elsewhere.
That’s ok for trainers etc… But the Zwift Pod isn’t widely available over here in the UK.
That’s why I pointed you towards the Runn which you can get from within the UK and ultimately you’ll be happier with long term.

I appreciate your advice thanks … it was a long conversation about I have an ANT+ sensor and dongle but my old laptop not supported by graphics requirements… the sensor on treadmill has great reviews… so I will save up … interesting to note zwift pods on eBay selling for £100!

Doesn’t surprise me. They are reasonable value if accuracy of your data isn’t too important.

My laptop doesn’t run Zwift either. It’s very powerful with lots of memory but alas the graphics capability let’s it down.

I run a dedicated PC that lives in the garage and is for Zwift only. Makes life easier.

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Wow saw a old zwift pod solid £170 on eBay crazy stuff … and all because the zwift does not do UK.