Where is the support?

I have supplied support with information they have asked for but they have not responded.
Any reason why? Also, why are they removing messages from here?

What issues are you having, maybe the forum users can assist you.

Same here, submitted a ticket 9 days ago, still no response.

Can’t get my runpod to calibrate - it doesn’t complete the calibration. It’s about 2.5KPH out. Have also tried through the milestone app but doesn’t improve it at all. Sometimes, it doesn’t pick it up at all despite it being picked up by Zwift. When you start to run, sometimes, nothing happens on screen. Constantly get Not responding messages. As off this morning, it isn’t working at all!. When I started it up, it did an update but now doesn’t work at all. It isn’t tracking anything. It’s a shame because I genuinely like it when it works and would pay for it but not like this

I wish I could help with the runpod, but I use a Stryd and have no issues with it. I also wish I could say anything good about the runpod.

You might want to join the Zwift Runners Group on Facebook.

Do you mean the Stryd Power Meter? Had a look at it and really don’t think I can warrant £200. I suppose you get what you pay for but when Zwift put their name to a product, you expect it to work with their software. Still no response from them on this!

So, I cant use my zwift membership until zwift sort their ■■■■ into one )*(&%^^%0 sock.
I’ve tried to contact zwift support but they don’t work Mon - Fri…and have weekends off…
I’ll bet if I wanted to buy something from them they’d be all over me. But since I’m a member and now have a problem they don’t want to help…over the last 2 weeks i’ve put in 3 queries.
Until they get off their arses I can’t use my zwift membership.
Anyone else have probs with ZWIFT NON-support??

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