Zwift footpod pace accuracy

So we all know the zwift footpod isn’t great, fine. I was okay with it using my on clouds because even if it was a little off it was at least consistently wrong and I could account for that.

Recently I switch to nikes and now my pace is all over the map. Before it might be a soild .2-.3 mph up or down but now it bounces around randomly and sometimes drops off completely.

So let’s say I’m supposed to be running at a 5.5mph pace. It’ll swing from 6.5 to 3.5 and just ping pong back and forth picking random speeds in between every second.

For what it’s worth the OC have a relatively hard sole compared to the nike and are laced while the bike are flynit no lace. I cut into the fabric to attach the pod.

Anyone have any idea what I can do correct this or what might be causing the issue?

I don’t know what’s causing it, but I’ve had a similar issue happen recently when changing shoes from old/dead shoes to a fresher pair–but my pace only increased from where it was before (up to 0.5MPH faster at a steady TM pace of 7.5-7.7MPH), not ping-ponging high and low. I had to recalibrate Zwift and try to re-cal my Garmin watch as well to get things back inline. This was with a Garmin footpod though. It, and other annoying footpod issues, are pushing me closer to buying one of the NPE Runn units to be done with the footpod altogether.

I’m considering buying the npe as well. The problem is that I use different treadmills and I don’t think the npe travels that easy.

The other problem is that it annoys me zwift sold me a hardware that doesn’t work well with their own software then raised the cost of said product a month before releasing the npe and isn’t letting us trade in the old hardware for a discount on the new hardware.

Not a great business practice of you want your customers to be happy but great if you can keep them spending money and happy to do so. I’m not happy to do so.

Anyway that’s a separate issue.

My runner colleagues have told me that secure attachment to the laces as close to the front as you can get will help.

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No laces. I’ll move it forward as much as I can.

Moving it closer to the front of the shoe helped. Now it back to being just wrong enough. :laughing:

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Glad that helped! What kind of shoes do you have, anyway? Would you snap a pic with the new arrangement?

You can see where one of the cut is. I would have moved it closer but I wanted to minimize the number of cuts so I used the one closes to the tip and added another.

These are retired race shoes so I don’t mind cutting them plus I’ll stitch it up with some blue or green thread and itll look like a cool scar or something.


Thanks for the photo! Your thread will help other runners in the community.

I suspect that stabilizing any brand of run pod in this way will help level out the data they send.