Shipping Zwift Ride to UAE

I am interested to buy zwift ride howver i live in UAE and zwift so far doesn’t ship to middle east. and I don’t think they have distributor network to sell their products in the region. It is weird for a company that want to market their products not to have a distributor in Middle east or even have an option on their website to ship to regions other than USA/Europe/Canada/Aus.

You can try Aramex Global Shopper, They provide addresses in different countries (like the US) that you can select as a shipping address and then courier the package to your actual address (at extra cost obviously). You’ll have to chack if they handle something as large as a Zwift Ride though, and if they do then it will probably also add to the shipping costs.

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And you’ll have to use a forwarder like that again for any warranty service…

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Hi @Shehab_Mekky, welcome to the Forums! I’m Oscar, working with Zwift.

@Donald_Munro @Paul_Southworth thanks for sharing info!

We value your interest in our Zwift Ride and I’d like to let you know that we currently ship within the US, UK, and EU. We’ll take all feedback and work hard to have more regions supported and provide the service our members and future members deserve.

Now, if you choose to purchase one of our products via a friend or a freight forwarder to receive your shipment in an unsupported region please be aware that Zwift will not cover the costs associated with fulfilling the warranty outside of our supported regions.


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