Attn: UK customers of Zwift Shop [January 2021]

Our Zwift Shop team has an important update for customers in the United Kingdom. Please note that this update does not apply to customers outside the UK.

As of January 1, 2021, cross-border shipments from the EU to the UK now require customs paperwork and VAT/customs fees to be paid upon import. Various shipping carriers and government agencies were not fully ready for these changes to UK shipping and customs policies. As a result, shipments from our warehouse in the Netherlands are being held at the border. Therefore, we are suspending all shipments from our Netherlands warehouse to the UK. Also, the Zwift UK Shop will not be accepting any orders after January 11 at 23:00pm UTC.

Orders placed between January 1 - 7, 2021 have been held up at the border or have paid a delivery fee. We’re addressing these orders with the customers to make things right.

Orders placed from January 7 - 10, 2021 are on hold at our warehouse. We will contact these customers for next steps.

Is this a permanent closure or just temporary until the issues are resolved? Thanks.

This is all going so very, very well.




I suspect this is a Brexit issue, and not so temporary.


Ordering From/To UK and the rest of European is over…

That Dutch Sandwich isn’t tasting so good now I bet…

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Oh it’s definitely a Brexit issue. :wink: Just wondering if it’s something they plan to address again in a month or six, or it’s just over.

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Please could you elaborate on “We’re addressing these orders with the customers to make things right.”

I placed an order on 4th January, paid for in full along with shipping cost. I’ve haven’t heard from anyone in the Zwift Shop Team.

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I’m in the same position. Ordered on 31st December and have received no notification from Zwift about what is a happening with my order.

I see there are some of you in the same boat I am.

I ordered a trainer on the 31st Dec, I had a phone call today from Zwift that stated they are starting to refund all the UK purchases of which there are over 400, looks like no Zwift shop for us for quite a while…

This is temporary. We will resume UK sales as soon as logistical details are resolved.

@Simon_Fidler @Nick_Budd @James_Dempsey and others who purchased items recently:
This week we will contact several hundred impacted UK customers. We appreciate your patience as our agents work through that queue as swiftly as they can.

Thanks for the update. :+1:

Thank you for responding I’ve spent too much time on the phone to Zwift and UPS this last week with no clear response until now. Appreciate this is a difficult situation not of Zwifts making.

I’ve recieved the email stating that my order had been cancelled. It’s gone from my order history but still shows as ‘Shipped’ via the tracking link in the email. Courier haven’t picked it up.

I paid via PayPal - has anyone got a refund yet? Do you know when refunds will be sent?

My understanding from other shipments I have held up (nothing to do with Zwift) is that this is basically a balls-up by some of the major logistics/courier companies. DPD being one of them. They simply didn’t get the systems in place in time to pass the correct information to customs, and so there is a huge manual backlog at the border. In theory there are no additional costs to be paid by either buyer or supplier, but there does need to be need to be a declaration and have the right boxes ticked.

This is different for items with more than £390 value though I believe…

To be fair to distributers, I don’t think they had much notice of what needed doing, plus at the same time trucks where being stuck at UK ports due to covid. This ultimately falls at the door of UK government. No barriers to trade. What a load of guff.


What’s interesting is I had a quick reply to my email last night and this morning before 8am. I then called the number which has working hours of 8am to 2pm, it was 10am UK time when I called, and it was an out of hours message :man_facepalming:t2:

I then sent an email saying call me to arrange a refund, they don’t seem so quick to call or email me back. It’s a call I want unless they can give me some better information and as they had not bothered to let me know any issues until I started digging about on here.

I’m not blaming Zwift for the balls up, more the lack of communication in general.

Please get in contact by a telephone call and please leave a message if I don’t answer.

Many thanks

It looks like they are only staffed US West Coast (PST) hours. My email came thru at gone 10pm my time.

I hadn’t had my refund so tried to start a chat session via support at 10am PST today asking about my refund. I didn’t get connected, but perhaps coincidentally I got my refund notification less than 10 minutes later. So I’d try and contact them via web chat during US Pacific working hours.

January 13 update
Recent orders that had not left the warehouse have been cancelled and those in this group have been informed by email.

The majority of refunds for cancelled orders have been processed, and you should expect to see the refund by January 23.