Attn: UK customers of Zwift Shop [January 2021]

Despite the communication from Zwift in this forum, I’m still not clear on what is happening here. I ordered a trainer on 4th January and it is stuck with UPS in Eindhoven. I’ve had no direct communication from Zwift regarding this. Can you please confirm if all of the UK orders that have been shipped and held by UPS are going to be cancelled and refunded?

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Hi Martin,
I am in the same position as you. I have had no confirmation from Zwift about what is happening on my order which was placed on 31st December.

UPS tracker just says that it is stuck in Eindhoven. But this message just rolls forward daily.

Very poor service from Zwift not to confirm anything after 2 weeks.

Hi Nick.
I’m a bit embarrassed to be British at the moment, but I just want to get hold of a trainer. I’ve contacted Wahoo and they said they are still shipping to the UK, albeit with delays which they estimated at up to 3 days due to Covid and another 7 to 10 days due to brexit. I’d prefer to receive the Tacx trainer that I ordered from Zwift but if I knew it was going to be cancelled I could get on with ordering an alternative.

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January 14 Update

@Martin_Brown3 @Nick_Budd
Our carriers have informed us that most orders in transit will be successfully delivered albeit with delays.

We are waiting for the results of those shipments before contacting the next round of customers whose orders may have been lost or did not make it to the destination.

The varied state of orders in transit therefore require communications on a case by case basis, and you’ll receive an email specific to your situation.

Thank you, but that is just the same holding message. It shouldn’t take two weeks to determine what is happening to my order.
I’m a fan of Zwift, but regretting buying through you guys now.
I just want to know whether I’m getting my Tacx Neo or my money back.

Nick, just to be fair - it seems not to be a Zwift issue, if you are in the UK you can expect some problems.
I sent a small parcel from Austria to the UK (near London). It was stuck in Utrecht, Netherlands for 15 days, I had no chance to get an information what is happening. Has been delivered in 22 days…

Hi Milan,
You’re right this is sadly due to a change in the tax required to paid as part of the delivery not Zwift.
My point is that I have been waiting for someone to contact me and tell me what is going on and that there are issues rather than piece it together from forums etc.
I have just had a great call with Zwift UK who talked me through the issue, I’m sad to say I didn’t get the guys name, he has confirmed that I will be receiving my order and a rough timeline.
That feels better.

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I’ve just received an email from UPS requesting over £300 in import charges…

The question is if it is duty, or is UPS charging you because they must do some declaration, etc? I would ask and check!

Yes, it was a mess after the January 1st, but there already informations since (latest) August 2020 about importing in the UK after Brexit, this is just an example:

I believe the most sellers and carriers just did not expect that it really starts on the Jan 1st and were just waiting instead of being ready for the changes.

Exactly that Milan. The Expectation was that duties would be due at the end of the year, but apparently the British Gov’t changed that at the last minute to it being due immediately, so 20% of each order needs to be paid and they weren’t ready to pay that. Whether that’s true or not clearly there is a cash flow issue for deliveries now and that explains why they are jammed up.

Hi Nick,

Would you be able to share the contact number? Or did they call you?

Much appreciated

Hi @Simon_Fidler the number I used was the support number provided in my order confirmation.
[+44 808 169 2498]
As usual I got the office is closed message, but I left my number and details of the order and I got a call back in the early evening. The guy was very helpful in explaining the situation but ultimately until the log jam at UPS is released there can be no guaranteed delivery. I don’t particularly want to take my business away from Zwift as it’s not their fault.
Long story short, no one can tell you exactly what is happening with your individual package. Once it is with UPS it is out of Zwifts hands.
Chaos reigns at the border, who knew that would happen due to Brexit lol.


I have contacted you via email as my item is stuck in a warehouse in the UK. I have provided the details of the warehouse, liaised with both parties and still not had any further information from yourselves.

I have requested the item or a refund but strangely no communication following this. In the email to myself they said they could refund when they know where the item is which I have provided. I look forward to them responding on here as I may get some luck!

Thanks for all the updates @Nick_Budd and others, much more than I’ve had from UPS or from Zwift. Seems like we are in a similar situation and I’ve been trying to find out if I will actually be receiving my trainer (which appears to have made it to the UK) or not.

The thing that has disappointed me the most though is that as a new zwift customer, I ordered from the “UK Shop” and had no idea that this was actually a front for international shipping from the Netherlands. I chose to order through zwift as a professional and reputable company, and to ensure compatibility with their platform for training with. This really doesn’t fill me with confidence now going forward… fingers crossed my delivery and those also affected will arrive soon. Appears that mine is stuck in the UK at least…

I suppose it is comforting that I am not the only one in this situation (I ordered a trainer 4th Jan which has been sitting in the Eindhoven UPS depot ever since) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. The UPS UK helpline kept suggesting I would get it soon but eventually told me to contact the supplier of the package. Zwift have said they are dealing with each case individually but other than a generic email response I have no further information or correspondence.

I am still unsure what their approach will be to delivery of my trainer. Will they fill out the necessary new customs paperwork and absorb any customs charges? Am I liable for an import charge before they release my package? Will Zwift recover the package from UPS and refund me?

I would love to know if I am likely to see the trainer anytime soon or if I need to start sourcing another. I wish I knew before ordering that my ‘Zwift Shop’ purchase was being delivered from Holland, especially when I bought it 4 days after the UK left the EU. Add in all the COVID restrictions and that’s a recipe for disaster :roll_eyes: