Poor order support

Hey Zwift,

I recently took the plunge to order the Zwift trainer bike, 1 year of Zwift and even the heart monitor. Being pretty excited about it after about a day I sent an email asking when they usually ship so I can expect to get it at some point. The next day I get notification that it shipped with some AfterShip tracking link. So I checked it, says that my shipping tracking does not exist or is pending.

I tried emailing them every other day, trying to call in but got a machine saying there is a high call volume and then being told to call back later. I have responded to my order email, I have submitted email/support tickets via the web page and still get nothing.

I don’t even mind if it is going to take a while to ship, which I stated in the emails, I would just like some estimate of when it is going to ship. All I have right now is an email that said it shipped and some tracking site that says the package does not exist yet. I can’t even get the UPS tracking number and no one at Zwift will even respond to an email. All I was expecting was something like, we are backlogged due to Covid so it may be 6 weeks, I mean anything, good news or bad, but they are not responding to anything.

I want to believe this may be a Covid thing, so I am hoping eventually someone will respond but right now I am considering cancelling the order and going somewhere else.

How long have you been waiting since submitting a support email? People have reported waiting weeks for a reply because of covid-19.

Tracking numbers from my experience don’t work for the first few days.

I’d say everywhere else would take just as long to get anything to you. Places all over the world are selling out and with a huge reduction in flights things are taking longer to get around.

Btw I’m just a zwifter like yourself.

It took about a week for them to respond to a first email I had sent support, and nothing after that. Sadly at a time when their business is likely doing okay, they seem to not have hired any more support staff to handle the obvious increase in inquires and just tell you to come to the forums.

To be fair buddy, I got a tracking number with mine. But, for the last week it’s just been “in transit” haha. I ordered 4 things at the same time. 2 from amazon, 1 from chain reaction cycles, and one from zwift. The others all came in 2-4 days. Zwift only just about managed to get an email to me!

I find it very hard to understand lack of communication. The company must be thriving currently, with all of us seeing a huge increase on the numbers online. Investing some of the new found funds, back into the experience for existing customers, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Thanks guys, it made me feel better that it was usual for this.

The good news is that they did finally respond and sent me the Seko tracking link instead, that one has the correct info. In fact I just got the call to schedule the delivery! The Aftership, meanwhile, still shows that the order is not existent or pending.

It may save them support tickets if they provide the Seko tracking link as well:)


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I’ve just had basically the exact same experience as you– invalid tracking number that doesn’t say anything on AfterShip, completely unresponsive support. I am not sure how to proceed other than perhaps disputing the credit card charge.

I’m glad to see that you finally got a tracking link from the customer support– I hope that I get one soon as well…

After getting confirmation by email that my order has been cancelled at my request, a trainer has shown up on my doorstep a week later and $1000 has been charged to my credit card. Absolutely no response to emails and I can’t get through on the phone or chat. Unsure of what to do next. Hopefully they will get back to me at some point. Hoping that I won’t have to file a payment dispute with the cc company to get a response from them.