Non-existant Order Support

I made an order for an Elite Suito over a week ago and was given (what appeared to be) a UPS tracking number upon completing the online transaction. However, I noticed that it is impossible for me to track my package as the UPS order number is not recognized by UPS. I have tried to resolve this issue by contacting Zwift support but it is literally impossible to get in contact with a representative from Zwift either over the phone, on their online support chat, or by emailing their support address. On top of this, I obviously can’t contact UPS to get help about the order Zwift gave me an invalid tracking number. It seems that the only recourse is to dispute the charge to my card, which I am about to do if I cannot get any help.

Has anyone successfully managed to contact a representative from Zwift and get support for their order? Is non-existant customer support acceptable to Zwift? I regret ordering through Zwift and would have ordered through Amazon had I known this was the experience that I would have.