Need help with a trainer warranty

Hello everyone, I have a serious issue with an Elite Suito-T smart trainer that I purchased from the Zwift store in January 2022. It has started making a very loud noise that prevents me from using it. I have contacted Elite about the problem, and they have informed me that I should contact the seller to process a replacement. I have also reached out to Zwift via the email and have only received a response with kind words but no solution. Additionally, when I purchased it, I did not receive the purchase invoice, and it does not appear in my purchase history, so I cannot try to resolve it directly with Elite as I cannot prove the purchase date. I would be very grateful if someone could guide me or if there is any other way to contact Zwift or where I should turn to try to solve my problems.
Thank you very much.

if you used a credit card it will show on your statement.

You didn’t get an email confirmation of the order or delivery?

How long is the warranty, i guess 2 years?

Hi Chris, yes, it is displayed, but only one payment to Zwift on a date is shown, not the item that has been paid for. I don’t know if that could be useful for Elite to verify the purchase date.

Hi Stuart, fortunately, I have the purchase and shipping confirmation emails; that’s all I have. I hope it can be useful to try to resolve the warranty with Elite in case Zwift does not provide a solution. I am in Spain, and as in the entire EU, the warranty is for 2 years. There are only 40 days left until it expires.

Well at least you have evidence you’ve contacted Elite within the warranty period and they’ve told you to contact Zwift. I can’t understand why the emails you have isn’t enough for them?

I know Zwift support is realy busy at this time of year. I’d use the online chat function and try and get through to a human/email stage but i can appreciate how frustrating it is when you are losing training time.

I’ve already tried contacting through the chat, but when I click on the “Start chat” button, nothing happens. I’ve tried with several browsers on both PC and smartphone, and I can’t initiate the chat.

It’s the time when I use Zwift the most. I’m very close to getting the Tron bike. Yes, it’s very frustrating.

put this into your search engine Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift and you should get their chat site which is open 7 days a week 8 am to 8 pm PST which means they are 9 hours or more later than you

Thanks Chris, I have already tried the hours when the chat is supposed to be available in my country, but it does not start. The help chat does open, but it is a dead end.

that’s very frustrating - sorry to hear that. I tried the link and it doesn’t work for me either. Zwift doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of good customer service.

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Good news from Zwift. They are going to proceed with the replacement. Since they do not have another Elite Suito-T, they have offered me a Zwift Hub One. The solution is satisfactory for me, so thank you all very much for your help and especially to Zwift for the attention and resolution of the problem.


Glad it’s sorted.

Have you considered the fact that your original trainer was compatible with all training platforms and the zwift hub one is only (fully) compatible with Zwift? Seems to me they have tied you to their service, which if you look at this forum, is having many issues lately. The hub classic was only out for a year before being discontinued. Where will you get parts and support when the hub one suffers the same fate?

Hi, john. Thanks for your comment. Before accepting the offer for the Hub One, I was looking at some reviews (Bikeradar, DC Rainmaker…) and the Hub One is a classic Hub with the Cog installed that can be used on any platform that supports Bluetooth or ANT+ by changing the Cog for a Shimano cassette. This makes it a Classic Hub. What is not compatible with other platforms is the virtual drivechain. So this is not a problem for me. And for parts and support, I don’t think there are any problems because the Hub Classis is discontinued, as I told you above, One and Classic are the same trainer with and without Cog.
Best regards


By leaving the thread closed, the matter has ended with a refund for the amount I paid for the Suito when I bought it. The truth is that the offer of a Hub One in exchange was too generous and did not make much sense, it is much more expensive than the Suito. I guess the person who made me the offer didn’t really know what he was doing and his superiors put things in their right place. I didn’t want to argue that they should have kept the offer they made me and had me accept. They have already refunded my money, so everything is fine for me.
Thank you all