Help needed with problems of new Elite Suito

Hi there,

Motivated from the Stay at home orders going around, I decided to get the Elite Suito smart trainer and get started with Zwift for training indoors. I got the trainer ordered from Zwift only given that the suito comes all assembled I thought it would be the best smart trainer for my needs.

However once setup, I am able to see the trainer pop up in my zwift app (on pc or on my phone or my ipad) and says its connected. But when I start riding the bike or try to calibrate the trainer there are no units that get displayed. None of the units speed, power or cadence are displayed and for Zwift given that I am a new user the beginners ride does not even start. I tried reaching to Zwift but seems to be they are overloaded with call volume and not response. I left them a note on Friday but I am guessing with it being weekend and all I may not hear back for a few days.

Has anyone else experience such issues with Suito or any smart trainers ? Do you know of anything that I could try to see if maybe I am doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Tarun_Moteka

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In the paring screen did you pair the trainer as a power source and controllable?

See if this helps.


Yes I did go through the video earlier and was able to see suito pop up on selection. Once i selected it, the cadence and controllable were also connected. I have a heart rate strap (Wahoo Kicker X) I was able to get that connected as well. The heart rate strap start to display the heart rate but the trainer does not display any units. Beside the unpair button I got the spanner icon and even tried to calibrate it. It asks me to ride to 23 mph but keeps displaying 0 upon riding the bike. Let me know if there is something else that I could try.

Thanks a lot for all the help!

Hey there, Im having the exact same issue with my Elite Suito. Have you managed to resolve the issue and how? Was it a software or hardware malfunction? Thank you.

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