Problems with Elite Suito

Hi there,

done my first ride with my brandnew Elite Suito today. I must say: i am a newby to both: Zwift and Direct Drive Trainers :wink:
Basically all seems to work. Bought me a ANT+ Dongle to use my Garmin Heart Rate belt with my iMac (so i am using MacOS) and it was instantly detected.
Next the Elite Suito was detected and here comes my first confusion: i can see 4 different devices:

  • Suito 49 (Bluetooth)
  • Elite PWR, Elite FE-C and Elite Real Trainer (all ANT+) grey and not selectable
    as only Bluetooth was selectable, i did this and started riding.

Now my issues and questions:

  • during the ride, the Suito sometimes seems to loose its BT connection. This is annoying as on the screen, you stop riding although you keep cycling. After 2-5 seconds the BT connection was back and i could continue.The distance between iMac and the Trainer is about 2,5 meters so not very far. Is BT so unreliable?

  • How can i connect the Suito via ANT+? (as mentioned, i have an ANT+ dongle that detects my heart rate belt). Is this something, that i can do via the Elite App?

  • Another issue is, that the Suito not really seems to interact with Zwift. I can’t feel any higher resistance when riding uphill or lower resistance when it goes downhill. This is, what Direct Drive trainers should be capable of, right?

any help is much appreciated

hi - firstly welcome to zwift - you’ll love it once you get going!

i think that elite trainers (at least the older ones did) stop being delectable as ANT+ if they are paired via if you unselect it as bluetooth yiou should be able to select it via ant+. if you still have problems are you able to disable bluetooth on your computer while you pair the trainer?

you want to pair the trainer as Elite FE-C and make sure you select it as power source and controllable and cadence if you don’t have a separate sensor

I tend to find ant+ is pretty reliable as long as you ANT+ dongle isn’t too far from your trainer, doesn’t have to be super close just not across the other side of the room or something

Managed to pair my Suito with ANT+ yesterday. Now everything seems to work fine. Thanks for your support Chris: pairing with the Elite FE-C was the right idea. Made a great ride on Zwift :blush: :ride_on:

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my invoice is in the post :wink: haha

glad you are all sorted and enjoying zwift