Connection Problem with Elite Suito

I have a connection Problem with my Elite Suito. When I try to connect with an Lenovo Yoga PC, the Zwift SW doesn’t find the Suito. An elder PC that I’ve had before finds the Suito without problems. The Bluetooth interface on the Yoga on the other hand finds a lot of my other Bluetooth devices like my iPhone, UE Boombox and so on without problems.
Where can I look for the problem, any hints ?
Thanks and kind regards from Switzerland

I am not expert with this trainer as it seems to be popular in Europe but based on what I have read here in the forums an ANT+ connection seems to resolve many connection issues. I use a very basic ANT+ USB dongle that I bought from Amazon and have great connection with my PC.

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Thanks Bob. I had worked with my old Laptop via Bluetooth and it works with other SW. But it doesn’t work with the combination Lenovo Yoga and Zwift. So I’m looking for some hints what to check.

I’ve had some problems with the Elite app. When I had the Elite map on my phone that was Wifi-conntected to the same network as my computer, Erg Mode or trainer control wouldn’t work on my Suito. Data was only transmitted from the trainer to the computer, not the other way. I would therefore try uninstalling the Elite app on your cellphone if you have it.

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I have an Elite trainer (zumo) and a Lenovo yoga 720. I’ve never been able to successfully connect with Bluetooth either Gerd.
I have found zero issues though using ANT+ with my sunnto movestick mini USB dongle.
I have this dongle on a 2m USB extension cable so it sit directly below my bikes bottom bracket, i. e. as close as possible to the trainer and my crank power meter.

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It bothered me that the Upgrado app and My eTraining software could BT to the trainer but Zwift couldn’t, I wanted to make sure both BT and Ant+ worked so I fiddled.
Initially I thought my computer’s BT hardware was too old to control the Suito, although it is 4.0 so should work, but my Android phone also would not pickup the trainer when I was searching for it as the controllable device. It wasn’t until I first paired the Suito’s power & cadence via Bluetooth; once those were paired then I was able to select the Suito as the controllable device via BT. Before trying this I was able to connect using Ant+, I just have a cheap Amazon dongle that works with PC and an OTG cable for the phone for my heartrate strap.