Bluetooth connectivity

Hi all
I am using my lenovo win 10 laptop (i7/ 256GB /32GB) to run zwift app and connect to my elite suito turbo trainer. I have been using for last one month without issues. Today i have had an issue where my laptop cannot connect to the TT. in bluetooth settings the suito device is shown as paired and yet in the task tray the action centre is showing no connection? Hence i cannot connect the app to the suito TT.

The green/ blue lights on the suito are blinking indicating no connectivity. i have rebooted all devices and turned off all other bluetooth devices etc

can anyone help me please.


You should only pair in the Zwift app not in Windows. You need to un pair and forget the TT in Windows settings. BlueTooth can only pair to one device/application at a time.

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Thank you Gerrie however I am still getting the error indication in the app. pairing page showing no BT connectivity. So no pairing taking place.

Did you ever figure out what happened? Iā€™m having the same issue. Bluetooth is paired, everything looks normal, but the green light on my Elite Suito is slowly blinking. When I ride, no watts or cadence register despite me riding.