[Solved] Cannot connect Elite Suito

[EDIT: After playing some I solved the problem. If anyone finds themselves in the same situation: I rebooted everything (phone and trainer), then opened only zwift, then clicked “power meter” and let it scan. Tadaa it found the Suito]

Using a supported android device (OnePlus 6), I cannot pair my brand new Elite Suito (latest firmware) via bluetooth. No other app is connected to it (flashing blue light - not solid), but zwift remains “searching” forever.

Unfortunately this is blocking me from using Zwift entirely :frowning:

I bought the Suito yesterday, with the exact same phone and had the exact same issue. Also fixed it the same way, searching for the trainer in the “power meter” box first.

Same here thanks, maybe the zwift guys should take note and add this to the setup guide