Elite Suito warranty/replacement

Dear All,

could someone help me with three questions?

  1. I have bought Elite Suito from Zwift shop and already received it, but without any documents beside packing list. Any proof that I bought it? Or just confirmation from credit card should be sufficient? But the problem is that I bought three different things so the value from checkout is much more higher than the value of Elite Suito.

  2. If something will happen with the Elite Suito - should I contact Zwift or some Elite dealer in Poland? How it looks and how I should handle with it?

And the last question:
3. Warranty is for 12 or 24 months?

Thank’s in advance for your answers!

I’ll have a go.

I’ve seen people complaining before about the lack of a receipt for Zwift store purchases. However, Elite support are very good and they’ve never asked me for proof of purchase when I’ve contacted them. I imagine it would only be in the case of a return/repair that you’d need that, and I suggest in that case you’d need to raise it with Zwift in the first instance.

I’m not sure about warranty length, but isn’t it a minimum of 24 months for EU purchases?

Hi @Jaroslaw_Gorczyca , welcome to the Zwift Forums!

Thanks for your questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them:

  1. If you contact our support team directly, we’re able to provide you with an invoice that can be used as a proof of purchase for any warranty with any of items of your purchase. If need be, you can contact us here.

  2. For hardware issues with your Elite smart trainer, we advise that you should contact Elite support. Once Elite identifies that the product needs to be exchanged, we will be be happy to action this.

  3. Any purchase of products in the EU is automatically covered by a 24 month warranty.

Hope that helps!

Ride On.