Warranty on Trainer bought through Zwift

I am trying to find out what would happen should I have a warranty claim on a Wahoo Kickr Core bought through the Zwift shop. The reason I ask is I have had another Smart Trainer that lasted 13 months and getting it repaired/exchanged has not worked out. I don’t want to get burned again.
If I have read the small print correctly, it looks like if I have a warranty claim there is no help from Zwift. Am I right?

Wahoo would be the ones who handle the warranty. I bought my core from my LBS and had a warranty claim after 13 months of use, I contacted Wahoo support directly and they took care of me even though I was past the 12 month mark. Wahoo has great support.

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Thanks, this is helpful. I’ve taken the plunge and bought one! It arrives tomorrow.