Trial cancelled after only 18 days

I bought an Elite Suito and included was a one month free trial. I registered with Zwift on the 11th January 2020 and used it when I could. After coming back from a business trip on 29th January, it says my free trial has expired. That makes it i have only had it for a maximum of 18 days. I wrote an email to the support and received a reply that I should get an answer within 24 hours. Well, another 3 days have passed and I am still waiting for someone to get back to me.
All I wish is to have my trial either unblocked and extended so that I can ride and test for the missing 13 days or receive another months free trial as compensation but still keep the points I have already accrued.
Not the best customer service experience for a new, pending customer.

I believe the 30 day trial applies ONLY to the equipment The Zwift app still has only a 7-day free trial, which would explain why it expired while you were out of town.

I’m pretty sure the Suito comes with a free month promo code. When you set up your Zwift account did you enter the promo code? If you didn’t that could be the reason you only got the 7 day trial. I recently upgraded to a new smart trainer that came with a free month promo code too, I entered it on and it credited me for one free month.


Hi @Steve_Granger1 welcome to Zwift forums.

To back up what Jeffrey and Mike have said, Zwift offers a 7 day / 25km free trial of our service to new Zwifters as outlined in our Support Hub FAQ.

The 30 day free trial applies to trainers purchased from the Zwift store. This is an attractive draw for members who’ve been Zwifting for a while to upgrade their setup to a premium smart trainer. It is a separate thing from the 7 day trial for new members to try the game.

Good to know, Mike. Thanks!

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Thanks for the answers but this has not helped with my scenario. When I bought the Elite Suito, it came with a free month trial for registering with Zwift. I went to the Zwift website, created my account, entered the code I had on the “membership” card and I was unlocked. At no point did it show I could only use it for 7 days. When buying the Suito, I also had the possibility of purchasing a 3 month membership for an extra cost. But as we are getting near to outdoor weather, decided against this for now.
So, I have not received what I purchased in good faith, am unable to use the application I want and have not received any response from the support team as to the emails I have written.
It is, unfortunately, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth when one sees all of the promotion videos to hook people in

Hi Shooj,
Are you able to either answer my questions I have posted or get in touch with the support team to reply to the emails I have written? Only received the automated response from the first email.
Would really appreciate your help and assistance

Hi @Steve_Granger1

Please check your email. We need to look at the promotional codes applied (or not) to your account, so we should take this offline. Thanks.

I have a similar issue with the the promo card, which I too got with a Suito. When I added the code it asked for bank details too, and then what happened was after 7 days, I was charged. Support say they do not see the card activated on the account. Told me to cancel the DD, which the only way I could that was to cancel the account, which should have then let me use Zwift to the end of the billing cycle, but it did it immediately, which looking through the forums sometimes happens. Support are looking at this now.

All very frustrating. Game functionality great, billing not so good, and support is annoying as you don’t get a ticket no. to refer to, and when i reply back to their response, I get a bounce back stating the remote server is not accepting it as it is seeing it as SPAM

Same issue!

The website is refusing to activate the 1 month membership code.
Now the waiting game begins…

It seems Zwift is unable to solve there activation problems in 8 months since first user reported the issue with there site…

At least you got a membership code.

My Elite Suito came without one (delivered on 28.10.2020)

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Mine too… Did you get one by now?