says I have 30 days free trial?

I tried for 6-7 days? said it was ending, I paypaled for 30 days. Now my splash screen says I have 30 days FREE TRIAL???


Hi Ron,

Would you please open an support ticket and mention Zwift QA requested this? Please be sure to include a screenshot of what you are seeing at the splash screen.

We believe since you paid for a month via PayPal, you are seeing the remaining days of your paid month’s subscription. But we’re not sure. Perhaps you subscribed and then immediately cancelled? That would explain the days remaining being shown in some of our software. If you believe this isn’t the case, we’d really like to see a screenshot of what you are seeing. We’ve been trying in QA to reproduce the issue as you described, but could not reproduce.  


Thanks so much!

Yes it’s counting down from when I paid. Appears to be a bug.  I also tend to see  JOIN buttons an awful lot for someone that is already a member. Oh well.

Yes I joined and canceled - because I wanted to use my 3 mo gift code I just purchased the day before.  But my free trial expired just minutes before the end of a 1 hour workout/race I had joined. It seemed to imply if I hurry I could finish the race. I was stumbling around on and off my bike trying to click the links it gave me and I paid via paypal so as not to loose my workout.  (I did lose it - never finished the race = (   I didn’t want to get auto pays out of my paypal. (I hope to use my 3 mo code) so I canceled to as to stop forgetting and having my account charged again.  Was a hectic and (not a warm fuzzy feel for someone “testing to see if they like it”. But I do suspect I’ll continue… at least to use my 3mo gift code. 

I would like to pay via paypal each mo. But I don’t want autopay. I need to control the account the payment comes from and not pull it from my PP balance.