ZWIFT - Returns on trainers

So I returned the trainer that I had bought over 2 weeks ago using the UPS label included in the box and I still haven’t received my refund. I’ve tried calling multiple times, but it keeps telling me there’s an error and that I should try calling again. I’ve tried to leave my number to have them call me back, but it keeps telling me that there’s an issue with my number and they can’t call it back. I’ve even tried adding in the 1 for the country code with no luck.

How long is the return process usually? i’m guessing it’s a bit backed up because of the current situation, but an email or something stating that they received the item would be helpful…

I’m trying to avoid a dispute with my credit card company since it’s a big headache when you do that. Anyone that works at ZWIFT, can you help me out please?

There’s a “contact us” button on the support section of their web site. I’d start there.

I have and haven’t gotten a response back yet.

Hi @aaron_k73 welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I see your email in our support queue and I’ve alerted the folks on the e-commerce team that you’re waiting for a response. You’re 100% correct - they’re a bit backed up right now, so we really appreciate your patience while the team works through their list.

Did you happen to get a picture of that return shipping label so you can track the UPS shipment back to use safely?

FYI - our email queue is first-in, first-out, so it’s best if you don’t keep emailing about the same issue, or it moves you to the back of the line.