Slow to get the return shipping label


I recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr Core from the Zwift store. I have issues with it, as it doesn’t work well with my bike. I asked for the return shipping label a few days ago, and I still have not received a response. I tried contacting the support by a) email, b) message through their chat room, and c) phone. I don’t have anyone that responded to my email, the messages never go through as the support agent never comes on, and I cannot talk to them on the phone because it says no one is available.

This has so far been a frustrating process. I was originally planning on purchasing a Wahoo Kickr Snap instead from the Zwift store, but delays like this are beginning to have me look elsewhere for the new purchase.

Hi @Hansol_Lee

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When I got mine there was a return label on the box, with the shipping label.

Hi @Gerrie_Delport ,

No return label is on the box. I checked both inside and out. When I look at the return instructions on Zwift support, they ask you to contact them for it.

Hi @Hansol_Lee welcome to Zwift forums.

We ask for your patience. The way our email system works - if you keep sending fresh emails, it puts you at the end of the queue.

The returns process for anyone reading along is described on our Support Hub.

Hi @shooj

Thanks for your response. I hope that they can send it to me soon!

Hi guys,

I am happy to report that everything has been resolved. Abigail O. (Member experience agent) provided incredible customer service! The refund came through the same day that I sent the device through UPS.

Thanks everyone.