Zwift Ride return so frustrating!

First when I got my zwift ride the box was almost missing and the frame was chipped. I tried to start a return process of my order. I received an email with orange “button” that said print label but it was not actually a button. I contacted support and no one will return my message to get return shipping labels. But they have given me a deadline on the return now that I have started it. Can anyone assist me. Thanks!! I eventually would like to reorder the product down the line but not if this is the customer service. Have a great day everyone!!

Were you able to reach an actual support agent, or were you chatting with the bot on the support page?

I chatted with the bot. Then it had me send an email have not heard back from that email. I cannot find a phone number from them. I am a new zwift customer so trying to figure all this out. Thanks for the help Oliver!

I would try sending another email to @shooj may be able to help you out in getting your support request handled.

Ok thanks again Oliver for the help much appreciated! Not trying to be a pain in the butt just trying to get everything sorted.

HI @Mitchell_Wylie welcome to Zwift forums and Zwift more broadly!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I see you’ve already reached one of my human colleagues Sam. Please allow the team to continue helping you offline.

Any issues where your money is involved like Zwift Shop purchases, subscriptions, etc are not handled on this public forum to guard your privacy.

Thanks I will not not discuss money. I have not heard from Sam. I will continue waiting and update accordingly. Thanks for the reply Shuji!