Zwift Hub return lost by FedEx

Hi, I’m posting here because there is literally no way to contact anyone at Zwift to help.

I purchased and returned a Zwift Hub, but the Hub was lost by FedEx. Shipped 11/1 and FedEx has confirmed it is lost or stolen.

Zwift outsources their returns to HappyReturns, but there is no contact there either.

Order #: ZWUS386558
Return Express Code: HRGB2295
Tracking #: 785792860819

If someone from Zwift could reach out to me, I need the return to be processed so that the Affirm transaction can be closed and refunded.

Have you emailed Zwift?

they do have a support page Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift but posting here and making some noise doesn’t hurt either. good luck with your return

Thank you all for replying!

Their “Contact Us” button only interacts with a chat bot and they do not have a support email listed anywhere. I would totally email them if I had an address.

If you persist with the chat bot saying you still need help you’ll eventually bypass it

It is kind of crazy that the support interface requires an unwritten manual in order to successfully ask for help, but that’s how it is. The number of people who need help with getting help is way too high.


First US corporations tried farming out their customer service to criminally underpaid and undertrained staff in other countries. But nooooooo, you weren’t happy with that. So they listened, and went with criminally stupid AI bots who are even cheaper. And still you people aren’t happy?

What does a company have to do to appease you demanding customers who want to talk to a trained and informed live human being when you have a prob…oh, I get it.

I’ve been round and round with it and it just keeps looping me back to the beginning when I select “Contact Support”

@shooj not sure which staff member to hassle but i’ve never seen any of the others talk about sales stuff so hopefully i tagged the right guy for you ben

I feel bad about summoning the folks here sometimes, because often the answer is “this isn’t my job! But I’ll look into it…” :smiley: But they are live people who respond (almost) all the time I try to summon them :slight_smile:

Hi @Ben_Flannery welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. For any questions dealing with your money (ex - purchases from the Zwift Shop, subscriptions), we help you offline to protect your privacy. Please contact my Support colleagues offline and give the chatbot enough information so you’re routed to the team that handles Zwift Shop questions.

This is a super busy time of year for us, and the Support queues will take longer than ideal. We appreciate your understanding.

Hi, @shooj , thanks for the help. Going down that path in the chat it let me talk to a person, however we were disconnected and I’m not sure the issue was understood.

I’ve tried to continue through the chat follow-up emails, but I have not been responded to in several days.

haha, as long as it’s not some “boy who cried wolf” thing it’s fine i think. some problems can only be solved by staff and if they can look good while doing it everybody wins

The ‘almost’ part of my post above was added just because of the “boy who cried ‘what about Clubs?’” moments :wink: Some issues are apparently too icky to want to get in the middle of when it’s not your job, lol.

Easy, cancel the order if through MC or Visa. It will get solved really quick. According to your post it has been confirmed lost or stolen,… there should be enough reason if you have the shipping company confirming this.

The issue is not with my original order, it is with the return. I checked out with Affirm, so that I could use my company’s monthly wellness credit to pay for it over a couple months.

Affirm states that the return has to be processed by the vendor before they can return my money.

So, I do not have a payment I can cancel, Zwift must process the return.