Item Return doesnt work

Hi Guys,

I recently bought the HUB ONE and want to return it since im not happy with it. If i click on the Return-Button on the Website, it just causes an error and tells me to try it again later. For days now. The Support doesnt respond and I’m afraid i wont be able to return the HUB. Do you have any experience with the return of Items?

I think you’ll need to get through to support somehow. Did you get as far as filing a support case through the web interface or Companion? If so, how much time has elapsed since you opened it?

I will second this.I bought the Zwift Hub One on the 18th January and it arrived on the 20th. The Zwift Click worked for one ride and then stopped after I updated the firmwares.

I reached out to Zwift support on the 22nd Jan and they were quite responsive in trying to resolve my issue. We have been in touch almost daily for a few days in which time I completed troubleshooting steps they suggested. In the end they said they passed my case to the most experienced team …

As I can’t shift gears I can’t participate in events, can’t explore the world in free ride and can’t do some workouts which suggest to disable the ERGF mode. I told the support not to bother with the resolution, I asked for a refund. I did it on the 30th January. As I haven’t heard from the I sent a chase up email but still nothing.

As soon as you ask for a refund you get ignored it seems… And it bothers me even more because I DO still want to use Zwift App. I just need to get another machine. This is not a way to treat a customer. I hope moderators of the forum could prompt the support to respond to my emails?

Hi K, This is Juan a Zwift colleague. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this space. I move toward your order and confirmed that your refund has been issued a while. However, I’ve collected your feedback. We care about every aspect of your Zwift experience and are constantly working to deliver the best experience. We take the comments of our Zwitters seriously and with a high priority. Thanks.