Returns on turbo trainer

Has anyone tried to return a turbo trainer from the UK back to Zwift store before the 30 days is up?
I have been trying to get a returns label sent to me but I keep getting fobbed off. The phone number isn’t going though, no email response and Facebook chat keeps telling me they’ll be in touch which they don’t.
What’s the best way to get a returns label? I do not want to end up with the bill after 30 days despite doing my best to avoid it.

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HI @Tom_Ray_9862

Mine came with a Return shipping label on the side of the box.

Hi @Tom_Ray_9862
Welcome to the Zwift forums. I’m seeing the emails you sent yesterday and today in our system, and I’ve asked the right team to contact you directly.


If it’s shipped to the UK it doesn’t for some reason! You have to get in touch with Zwift HQ who are quite elusive

Thanks for the help.

Have you manged to get a label? I need a return label as well, but no response till now.

I’ve looked into your case, and a colleague from the Zwift UK office will be emailing you shortly.

I am also trying to return a Wahoo Kickr, had one email to say they would send a returns label and then nothing. Tried phoning and no answer, can someone in zwift please help get this returned?

Hi @Richard_Cannon1 I will ask one my colleagues on the UK team contact you via email.

I am having the same exact issue! I have sent multiple emails and tried calling. So disappointed in the Customer Service.

I routed your request to the proper team. Please stand by.

I have not heard back. Please help. I only have two weeks left to return. This is unacceptable

Similar issue with a return on a trainer. I am in the UK and after contacting Zwift they were prompt to provide a returns label (via DPD courier). I was told to contact DPD to arrange collection. All good it seems. However, when I contacted DPD they told me clearly that I cannot request the collection and Zwift must do this. I let Zwift know about this and I was asked to contact DPD again. I did and guess what, same response from DPD.

Going round in circles now…

I hope someone at Zwift can help make this ‘hassle-free’ return, hassle free…


I see that my colleague Alex contacted you 2 hours ago, so I trust this will move more smoothly for you now.

Currently I have the same issue.
I tried to get in contact with support without any reaction. After a few days someone wrote me that they’ve reached out to arrange a pickup via TNT and TNT will contact me soon.

A week later - nothing happend. So I replied to the support again and - no reaction.

I did anything so far to arrange a return within the 30 days and I am fearing now to not be in time.

So, if someone could help me with that it would be great.
Up to now, that 30-days-trial with “easy return without any problems” is somewhat ugly and anything else than customer-friendly.

And also: Why a pickup by TNT? oO

Our email support team is flooded at the moment. A little slack in the 30 day policy will be reasonable. Please do not send them reminder emails because the email management system moves you to the back of the line for every fresh email you send. You can try the phone on the link below.

Customers in the UK / Europe must contact Zwift to arrange for returns. US based customers only need to place the included return shipping label on the outside of the box, the packing list inside the box. Again - we ask for your patience, thank you.

This support article describes how to handle all cases.

I am having an issue with a return as well. I mailed the item on 4/15 and the tracking shows it was received on 4/20. I never received any notification about my item and I have sent multiple emails. I have called the phone line and left my number at least 5 times over the span of a week and have not received any response.

I understand that you are flooded but I need someone to acknowledge my return.

I have almost identical issues as @Mark_Bruce4385 above. I’ve arranged for a return with Zwift who have promptly provided a delivery slip but asked that I arrange for a refund with DPD.

Unfortunately all DPD shops are closed because of COVID-19. DPD has advised that all pick ups can be done at my door but only after Zwift arranges it. I have emailed Zwift nearly two weeks ago now and I have attempted to call throughout the past week but your UK call centre is closed.

I’m starting to feel helpless as no other avenues are available other than this thread.

I also bought an item that needs to be returned. No return shipping label in the package. Got a generic email response and can’t reach anyone on the phone.

Hi there , I’ve gone through all the steps of returning my turbo trainer but got nowhere.Nobody is responding to my email or phone calls.Now I understand this is an extraordinary situation with the pandemic but It is important that the “hassle free” return promised when I made the order is respected.I do not keep it and would really appreciate getting my money back.Thanks