30 day return

Hi there,

As sad as it makes me, I’d like to return my trainer, as it is wayyy to noisy for my small appartement, I tried pretty much everything but I’m afraid I don’t have the proper setup to enjoy it.

I tried reaching out for assistance with the shipping back (phone, chat, email…), but didn’t get any answer.
Does anyone have experienced with a return?


Hi @Titouan_Rossier

Sorry to hear about the noise issue.

When you got the trainer wasn’t there a return shipping label in the package.


Just found one, just sticking it to the box is enough? Nothing required on your side to process the return? Does the 30 days work from the day I receive the package to the day I ship it back?

Not sure, but usually the fine print will indicate it starts from when it was ordered, not when you received it. That can be tricky sometimes, hopefully you have some paperwork with all the terms and conditions to reference?

For US customers, stick the return shipping label on the package, and include the packing slip please.
UK and European customers must contact Zwift customer support.

See detailed instructions on our support hub