Zwift Shop return woes

I’ve read some other threads expressing disappointment with the Zwift shop return process. I don’t normally like to pile on–I assume things are still crazy for everyone–but my experience has been similar thus far.

I partly accept responsibility since I didn’t do enough research on the Kickr Bike’s handlebar and seat height adjustment issues. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have ordered it. I don’t feel I should have to use any workarounds or modifications for something that costs this much, so back it goes.

That said, I tried to initiate a return on Aug. 8th with an email to, which I followed up with on the 11th. I didn’t receive a response until after I called the support number on the 12th.

I could post the whole timeline, but really all I want is some assurance that the bike will be picked up, and I will get a refund (less the shipping fee, which I happily accept). I’m coming up on the 30 day limit despite trying to kick this off on the 8th.

I love riding on Zwift, and will likely continue after this is resolved. But, it has put a damper on the overall experience.

Ride on, fam. Support your LBS!

Hi @LibraryNerd welcome to Zwift forums.

I looked into your email conversation and see the latest note from Abigail yesterday. We’ll get the confirmation of the pickup date and they’ll let you know via email as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!


Thank you for the update! It’s a relief to know that things are proceeding.


Good news! The shipping company called to arrange the pickup today, so we’re close to a resolution.

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Fantastic! Thank you for looping back to let us know things are moving along in the right direction.


If anyone runs across this in the future, my refund was issued today.

Ultimately, I’m satisfied with the return process, other than some nerves/impatience on my end. Dealing with large items is pretty different than FedEx or UPS. In the moment it was stressful.

The only thing that bugs me is that my initial 2 emails to went unanswered, so my advice would be to try the email, mindful that they might be busy. After a couple of days call the # and know that you’ll be on hold for a few minutes before connecting with an agent. The total time from phone call to refund was 7 business days (Aug. 12-23), and one of those was because I missed an email due to a spam filter.

Again, a big thank you to everyone at Zwift who looked into this and kept me updated.

Ride on!