Runn delivery time

Hello. Does anyone have an idea of the delivery time for Runn from the Zwift store?We ordered one a week ago or so but have heard nothing other than the immediate confirmation of order email

I got mine within a week, but that was before the lock downs started. There could be delays right now do to the virus.

Ah. Got mine today. Very happy with it. 10 day delivery time

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I’m having the same problem. Ordered on 10th April, the tracking app shows it having been processed in country of delivery since 13th April. Nothing further. I appreciate Zwift customer service are busy but raised a question with them and awaiting an answer.

Same here. Order dispatched on 5th April. Tracking shows it arrived in UK on 13th, but no further updates. Husband has now been blocked from checking tracking updates!

Ordered mine on 22nd March, took 2 weeks to arrive. The tracking app never showed progress of delivery so I’d maybe not relay too much on it for info

Thanks for that info Jonathon, that’s useful. Won’t worry so much now about the lack of updates on the tracking page.

Same here, dispatched the 3rd of April. In country the 13th of April and now nothing. I have also been blocked to check updates.

Ordered on the 5th and not recieved anything, tried calling, emailing 4 times sent messages over facebook. Have asked for a refund, they shouldn’t be accepting orders if they don’t have the staff or products, it’s absolutely awful customer service

Mine was posted on April 6th and wasn’t delivered in the UK with me until the 18th. Looked like it got stuck at Heathrow for a few days before it got moved on.

If it helps, the tracking number on the site can be used on the Royal Mail track and trace for a more detailed view of where your package is

My order is from 30 march and on the 2nd of april began to transport to my country. I am still waiting… 4-5 emails, contact from Twitter… Nothing. I’ve asked for a refound but nobody tells me nothing.

I have the same issue. I ordered two pods in March. I got an email saying that they shipped on April 2nd. I still haven’t received anything and I’m less than an hours drive from Zwift. Zwift hasn’t returned my calls or emails. I guess I will cancel the order as well.

Finally received our order today, placed on 5th April. No updates on the tracking app till I contacted Zwift and finally got a reply through Messenger. Then suddenly, the order was at Heathrow last night and delivered today. Hilariously, Zwift messaged me this morning to say the order would be delayed for some time as a shipment warehouse was backed up. They simply don’t have a clue. Would never order from them again.

Damn and here I was thinking I’d have it next week. Ordered a Runn this morning and it was marked as dispatched an hour later, which I was thinking ‘brilliant I’ll be running with it next week’ now this thread has me worried I’ll no see it till June

Hi everyone, 1st post. They were out of stock for a while in April, then on 1st May they were back in stock. I ordered about 5pm on Friday 1st May and it arrived today, about 3pm - SUNDAY 3rd May!!! Thats 48hrs from order. Came from the Netherlands to UK and was delivered by DPD.

Nice, hope its working well for you, looking forward to mine arriving