Status fulfilled but order not shipped?!

I’m really getting worried. On 24/11 i bougth a Zwiftpod.
Sinds then I haven’t received anything yet… not my order nor any message from Zwift.
Only Kev from support contacted me and said he would forward my question to a higher instance. 2 days later… still nothing.

Are there even people working in the Zwift shop?!?

I’ve sent multiple e-mails to multiple addresses, but all remains silent.

Honestly, is this how Zwift works and specially the shop? It’s my worst shopping experience ever!
The chatbot is terrible and puts me in a loop.

So i still haven’t received my zwiftpod, in my account the status is fulfilled while on the carrierpage website the order hasn’t even shipped or even transferred to the carrier:

  • [Delivery status]
Date Time DPD parcel centre Parcel status
24.11.2023 09:58 DPD data centre Order information has been transmitted to DPD.

Can someone help me or forward my message to the right person/address? I’m in my second trial week and this experience is not a good one. It’s been 8 days since i ordered the zwiftpod and nothing budged.

Is there a way to contact the shop or administration? This is really terrible.

Hm, i received an e-mail from support:

In this case, I have made a follow-up and I can see that your order is not lost, everything is fine with it. We have worked with our special team and you should receive your order the following week. We were able to contact DPD and we had a positive outcome with them.

Honestly… DPD status hasn’t changed and the e-mail dates from 3 days ago…

Please :pray: support. Do i really need to beg you guys to send me the pod i paid for???