Impossible to contact Zwift - no client service?

I have just ordered a trainer from Zwift and had to change something on the order. I tried contacting Zwift via phone around 20 times every day - seriously (also left my phone number to get a call back). I also sent 2 emails. Still no answer and it has been more than 3 days. I was going to sign up to Zwift following the reception of the trainer, but I guess I’ll be better off looking for a different option since there is absolutely no client service?

Does everyone experience this or it’s just because of COVID-19?


Zwift has experienced a massive amount of new users in the past few weeks almost doubling the amount of concurrent users online this past weekend from the normal high seen in January. To say they (support staff) are overloaded is an understatement coupled with having to work remotely while on lockdown.

Have a bit of patience as they work through all the requests and let’s us know on the forums if you need any help setting up once you get the equipment. We’re here to help!



I’ve waited 5 days for a response to return my Zwift run pod that was broken on arrival. I’m patient and understand the difficulties faced by staff, but all I need is a return form and return process sent to me so I can get a replacement.

I have waited 2 weeks and no reply…
They are just jammed I guess.

I’m sorry that is B/S on the part of Zwift .It’s easy to hide behind Covid … Owned a number of business and its up to the business to find a way …Work weekends or open earlier …Draft other staff to make basic calls. Do just do nothing is not acceptable