Impossible to contact customer services

Hi I’m trying to get help with my account and no reply from zwift. Telephone number for UK does not work. Please help

Have you sent a support ticket and waited 8 days (without emailing them again)? I think that’s what it takes.

Try searching the forums for a similar issue.

its only been three days. Think someone has hacked onto my account as password has been changed. Tried to reset but can’t so frustrating


There have been a few people say they tried logging in and the zwift app wouldn’t let them in and it said “have you changed your password?” Or something like that. Those people found if they clicked “switch user” and just filled it all out as normal they were let in.

Eg “There was an error logging in with that account. Did you change your password?”

thanks ben I try that

does anyone know how i can phone zwift customer services. I really need to speak to someone

They are all working from home, your best bet is to wait for them to contact you. As @Ben_Brawn mentioned if you email again you get moved to the back of the line, first in first out system. Or, if the thread Ben linked didn’t help, post more specifically what you are experiencing and maybe we can help.

thanks guys. Well opened zwift as normal and incorrect password message came up. Registered as a new user - with same email and lost all data

Are you also using apple TV, remember we need specific information?

hi sorry yeah using apple tv

Force close Zwift and power cycle the Apple TV and all other devices, trainers, etc. If you also use your phone sometimes or to look at the drop shop occasionally, do the same. Restart everything basically and see if that helps.

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thanks guys