Zwift account access

Tried to log on through computer tonight and was told password or username not correct. So followed instructions to reset password but no email sent to reset.

So though my account had been binned/ hacked?

Mistakenly created a new account on computer with same log in details. Checked my apple TV and Zwift loaded as normal. So companion app and computer think I am level 1 zwifter but apple TV is on the correct account level 33.

Tried to contact Zwift through Community support, not very supportiveā€¦ :laughing:

What next??

Hi mate,

I have same problem with what looks like someone has taken over account. I have tried to reset my password but am unable to. When i enter a race, my name and username is incorrect and comes up as T Watopia in review ?. In a race, my results are not showing either. I have emailed support and will keep you updated - i am level 50