No Access to account

Hi! I cannot access my account, don’t receive a password reset email and above all I do not get any support from Zwift. I cannot cancel the subscription, change anything although I am being charged, because login fails for various reasons stated. I have been using Zwift for 6-7 years and I am starting to get really frustrated with them.
Does anybody experience the same problem?
I had to create an account to being able to get help here…

Hi @Aron_Hajdu

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. As you noted in your email to my colleagues - this one is not your “real” Zwift account. I’ve asked a colleague to get back to you.

We do not handle questions about your account or puchases on the Zwift Shop on this public forum to keep your private information private, so I’m locking this thread and ask you to resume the conversation offline via email.